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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13, 2012

02.    Twin Project  Conversations C2C Fairfax Va Demo 01
        Inter-Faith Campus Initiative by Ed.Gov (Philosophy & RFP Synergy)

02. TWIN Project C2C

For   education support in life science and physical science on a community level, serving also as a renewable energy showcase 

Summary:  2 UTUBE  Public Service Annoucements relating to the Community Greenhouse Project (CGP) Fairfax va 01 Demo to support  Community High School and Middle School teachers to supplment classroom learning on science and engineering by providing a facility for projects in lifes science and physic science and engineering topics.  CGP serves also as a  community showcase for renewable energy. 

0201. Twin Project:  Twin 01:  Community Greenouse Project (CGP) . Twin 02: Cafe Twin Show (se Cafe Twin Show Preview)

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Summary : This Public Service Announcent (PSA) is a utube video less than 10 minutes that descibes the Twin Project's Community Greenhouse Demo at a Blue Collar Zip Code as a supplemental facility to help motivate high school and middle school kids to careers of the future (STEM) and  also serve as a community based "Renewable Energy Showcase".   CGP Fairfax 01 is based on "success models' identifed and adopted to the needs of this Fairfax County community as part of the "Twin Project".

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CGP Fairfax Va 01 RED

Summary :  CGP Fairfaxva01 : Arts and Science "Twin" perspective.   Further philosphy and actionable follow up on science and technology birdge  for STEM Education (STEM: Science Technology Engineering Math) on a community basis (High School Zip Code)

0203. Twin 02:  In Google Search box (or other search box)  following words : 

Cafe Twin Show Preview

The Ed.Gov is an outreach to universities throughout the nation, some 350+ universities are participating across the nation via their President's Office as discussed at a recent
Ed.Gov Conference to which I participated.

In our area at Fairfax NOVA, for example,  George Washington University, and Montgomery College are two colleges and universities who are participating in this prorgram that has two key elements as follows:

(01) Community Service with students/faculties  to strengthen inter-faith education and health
associated with the college's home base community

(02)  Community Revitalization that includes housing, economic develpment and strengthening
education at K-12 , particularly for science and engineering.