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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Club Tech Innovators Prosperity Lounge

 Intro:  A “bridge’ to nature, heritage music & science

Purpose: Our purpose is to organize small group events, typically 25 to 50 persons per event for long week events with a stay at a historic and/or nature place. Events  include stay at a family oriented hotel.

In our previous such events organized under entrepreneurs network, we typically stayed at Hampton Inn, Homewood Suite Hotel typically.  The events will include a key note presenter during lunch or dinner on a topic
of interest such as heritage music, nature and science education followed by Q&A and small group friends meet at the café or at nature walks. 

with kids & extended family members are encouraged to use our events as family activiity opportunities combined.

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  1. Saturday Morning "Eat & Talk" events.

    for those who are located in DC-VA-MD geoggraphy, Saturday "Eat & Talk" events, as we did before at Old Country Buffet at Fairfax & Suburban MD, 9:30 AM-11:30 AM is a variation of the week-end theme. Typically, this type of event will include an "expert presenter or two", 10 minutes each on a topic of common interest with 5 minute Q&A.